Our Programs

Paving Great Futures operates numerous programs which directly link their Mission Statement and their Six Core Competencies into action. These programs enrich, uplift and support their participants in a way that allow them to combat pitfalls associated with the lack of financial freedom. Through opportunity and education Paving Great Futures is looking to change lives through one program at a time.



Our Culinary, Hospitality, Administration, Management Program uses the culinary industry to train at-risk individuals who are striving to improve their lives. This 9-month long program has been running since 2013. Participants are trained on all aspects of food service from culinary skills, operating a mobile food service business, and managing human resources.


Champion Catering

Champion Catering provides catering services to businesses and individuals throughout San Diego county. This program  provides on-the-job training for the C.H.A.M.P participants who have completed the program. Through Champion Catering we are able to generate revenue for our non-profit organization all while empowering our participants through experience and knowledge.

For more information about Champion Catering or to have your event catered please visit their website HERE



Flippers Fish and Chicken

Flippers is the brainchild of the C.H.A.M.P. participants. Part of the entrepreneur training of that program involved them writing a business plan, Flippers Fish and Chicken is the business they created. Flippers is a mobile food service business serving street fairs and various other pop-up locations in San Diego county. Through this business model Paving Great Futures is able to provide employment and training to participants while generating income for the organization.

To find out more about Flippers Fish and Chicken or recommend a street fair click HERE 



Leadership and Civic Engagement Development are classes provided to give participants a clear understanding of how  the government works and how to become involved on the local, state and federal level. This program introduces participants to government officials to continue the conversation and broaden community engagement.  Participants and trainers are frequently placed on commissions and boards to actively be the voice of those directly affected by the criminal justice system.

LACED classes are held on the last Saturday of the month from 12pm- 2pm at 3619 College Ave, San Diego CA 92115



Financial Literacy and Investment Program provides participants with the tools and resources to improve their financial standing. Through this class participants are given a clear understanding of the importance of credit, home ownership, investments and entrepreneurship.

FLIP classes are held the first Monday of the month from 6:30pm-8:30pm at 3619 College Ave, San Diego CA 92115