Author: Lorraine Carey

ISBN: 9781532789854
Pages: 166
Description: When first-year teacher Daniella Reyes starts teaching at a new school she is frightened by the crows that follow her everywhere. Being a woman with highly empathic abilities and a victim of child abuse, she is tuned to pick up the vibes from abused children in her classroom. She’s desperate to help them while trying to cling onto a normal life with Luke. As she slowly discovers the secrets of a powerful, ancient cult, she finds out that her life is anything but normal as the hidden world of New Mexico opens up to her. She must make a life-altering sacrifice if she wants to save the children, her father’s soul and her own life. Not since Practical Magic has a novel captured the essence of powerful magic and pure love where strong women in a family know no boundaries.

This supernatural thriller is book 1 of Women of the Willow Wood.
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