Author: Brenda Belinda Baldwin

Pages: 243
Description: of the lies told will be enough to hide the truth in this thought provoking family drama.

In spite of being born in the veil and referred to as special, Rhonda Pullman only felt different. The little girl longed for the days when she’d sit in the middle of the living room floor; announcing who was there before they could even knock on the door. The eldest child born to teenage parents–who didn’t stay together for the wellbeing of their children–Rhonda became a babysitter while she was still a baby. Testing off the charts when she entered elementary school only added years to the young girl’s maturity. Little mama could make bottles, change diapers, and fry chicken; she was able to do everything like a grownup including think.

Rhonda became more than her mother’s helper; she had been taught to be who her siblings depend on while her mom runs the streets.

The addition of a new daddy to the family does not help their quality of life; in fact Rhonda’s stepfather takes drama to the second power. Allegations of neglect–secretly and sometimes initiated by Rhonda–invited child welfare into the family. Their stay was extended once it was learned that Rhonda had sexual abuse issues. Embarrassed by the attention her daughter’s actions bring; in an attempt to keep her business in her house. Rhonda’s mother discredits her child even after finding her alone and naked with the person who had perpetrated the alleged abuse.

Later when twelve year old Rhonda is impregnated, with twins; this time it’s her mother who will be making accusations. Craziness only ensues when Rhonda’s narcissistic stepfather announces to the world who had fathered the young girl’s children. Neither social service workers nor family members will want any parts of who knew what in this twisted tale of family drama that can only be described as GROWNSTUFF!!!
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